Let your fairy dust fly.


— Helping brands be meaningful with a sprinkle of fairy dust and a dash of common sense.


Hi, I’m Laura. I’ve been makin’ brands stronger since 2005.

A brand is more than a logo or reputation — it represents an organization's values, beliefs, and vision. Brands are built by their actions, yet, so many take actions that are in opposition to their brand — which is so outta whack.

I help organizations come into alignment by working with them to articulate or rethink their brand strategy. And, using that foundation, I creatively launch their reimagined brand into the world. For over a decade, I've been using my mix of entrepreneurial, creative, editorial, and marketing experience to build strong brands. I'd love to help you with yours, let's talk.

If you want the rundown on my professional accomplishments, experiences, and recommendations you can read more about the things I've done on LinkedIn.

BRANDS I'VE WORKED WITH:  Yoplait,  ScotchBlue,  3M Thinsulate,  Carhartt,  Liberté,  United Way,  Bisquick,  Way Better Snacks,  Anthropologie,  Henri Bendel,  ScotchBlue,  Scotch,  Muir Glen,  Nerds,  Laffy Taffy,  Bella Bridesmaid,  Fridays.

SKILLS:  Business Consulting, Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy & Expression (Voice & Tone/ Look & Feel), Campaign Concepting, Storytelling & Storyboarding, Editing, Partnership Strategy,  Editorial Strategy, Content Planning, Social Media Strategy & Management, Media Relations, Email Marketing, Writing, Art Direction, Styling, Product Development. But really, my superpower is creating holistic brand experiences that are entertaining & informative — you know, like, human not sell-y.

LIFE STUFF: I grew up racing sled dogs in Northern Wisconsin while desperately trying to land my double salchow. Then, at the age of 18, I had a false start as an athletic training major, which shifted to graphic design, which quickly shifted to communication. Upon graduation, the world didn’t expect much of me — I’ve done a pretty good job of proving the world wrong by remaining curious, being resilient, and always using my creativity to change the game.

WORKING KNOWLEDGE: Adobe CS, CMS Platform Management, & Espresso Machines



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