Let your fairy dust fly.

Love Tastes Like Tomatoes

Concept • Creative Direction • Writing

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes wanted to increase sales by converting the inherently skeptical sometimes organic shopper into dedicated Muir Glen customers. Research revealed that the way to win over skeptics isn't with claims and logic, it's actually with an emotional appeal. So, we chose to work with a universal theme, that people express love with food. This produced the most successful campaign the brand had executed in years, resulting in an increase in sales.

Food made with love just tastes better. 

For many people, the way that they express their love for others is through the food they make. Making food with care is an act of love, great taste is the result of that action. That’s why Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes taste as good as they do because our tomatoes are made with love. Just like the meals that are made using our tomatoes. When you think about it, if love tasted like anything, it would taste like our tomatoes.