Let your fairy dust fly.

Liberate Yourself

Concept • Creative Direction • Narrative

Liberté once perceived as a premium yogurt brand had fallen victim to General Mills aggressive discount strategies. To revive the brands reputation the client team entered into a milk supply partnership with Organic Valley— a values based decision that did not receive universal applause from customers. Instead of being for everyone Liberté chose to follow their values, in turn, we formed a number of partnerships with people and brands that lived life in accordance to their values.

Release yourself from what is expected. Let inspiration lead you. 

When it comes to inspiration, sometimes you need to reach outside of yourself and find people who can show you how to take what you believe and make it real. These are the creators we found. They’re the ones who inspire us to do our best. To make decisions we believe in, even when they’re hard. To stand for something. These are the people who make liberation happen.