Let your fairy dust fly.

United Way

Concept • Creative Direction • Writing

For more than a hundred years, Greater Twin Cities United Way has been a fixture in our community. Recent changes in people's philanthropic behaviors had resulted in lower than expected annual donations. GTCUW wanted an inclusive rallying cry that would reinvigorate their base while also attracting younger donors. We met with community members, key stakeholders, and employees to get an understanding of who they were. What we discovered was that empathy and kindness were universal traits that came to life through the organization's work. We shifted the narrative from vanquishing poverty and need to supporting possibility and hope, resulting in an increase in donations for the year. 

The collective kindness of people strengthens our community.

Life is more complicated today than ever before. This complexity can make it seem impossible to create meaningful change in the lives of those who need our help the most. But we know that meaningful change is possible because we’ve witnessed the transformational power that kindness has in a person’s life. That’s why kindness is fundamental to our work. At Greater Twin Cities United Way we're experts at harnessing the collective kindness of people, making us uniquely suited to create a brighter future for all.